My Setting

My home is safe, secure and suitable for childminding. There is plenty of room for children to play happily in comfort. I have an extensive range of resources and can therefore offer your child a wide range of activities, promoting development and self-confidence. My home is also very welcoming, relaxing and friendly for not only the children but the parents too. It is maintained to a high level of cleanliness, repair and decoration. There is access to a telephone on the premises and I have a mobile phone for outdoor activities and outings.


I have a large playroom which is professionally set up with activities changing daily and this room is linked through to a snug. This is where the children can chill out on the sofa, watch tv and choose books to look at from the small library. My kitchen and utility areas are used for craft and messy play activities along with snack and meal times. My front room is used only as a quiet area for the children to sleep or simply rest. All my rooms are maintained at an adequate temperature and are well lit and adequately ventilated.


We have a nice garden and patio area for the children to play, exercise and generally get fresh air. There is an area of decking for the children to play on with their own outdoor playhouse. We have area where fruit, herbs and vegetables are grown. My garden is maintained to a high standard ensuring that it is safe and secure.

  • Snug
    Baby area